We produce urban games and l.a.r.p. (live action role playing) itinerant or room, on request.

All our games are inspired by responsible tourism values; the playful aspect is predominant, the chosen themes are serious.

Possible targets: Tourists – Local Communities  – Companies

Objectives: variable. It can be knowledge and/or the playful rediscovery of a territory, the deepening pf some aspects of tourism, the planning and the territory marketing.

Interactive games, sometimes with the use of technology

On catalogue (replicable)

Vagaplay – itinerant urban game for 40 people. Suitable for everybody. Two hours long. Cheap prices.

Penombra – spectacular itinerant urban game for 120 people. Suitable from 16 years old on. Three hours long. Significant costs, due to scenographic works and lights it needs.

Tourism! – Live Role game dedicated to tourist planning, ideal for operator and student training. Suitable for 15 people. About 1 hour and 30 minutes long. Cheap prices.

Soon :

Trial of the shadowcasters : Spectacular itinerant I.a.r.p. for 90 people. 2 days and half long – Matera 13 – 15 june 2019

De gustibus – itinerant urban game on the territory typical products.