Vagabondo has proposed travelling experiences in South of Italy for 20 years, where there are active local groups.

Creative and experiential tourism based on responsible tourism values.

We organize theme walks, create weekends and from 2016 we have launched a new format called “Storytelling Holiday”.

We create weekends on request for schools, tour operators, associations and groups.

Discover the storytelling holidays

A new holiday format for those who want to spend 4 days in the South of Italy where, besides discovering interesting places and active local communities, you can enjoy yourself telling stories in a creative way.

An experience for everyone, where you don’t need particular skills or sophisticated tools, but only the will to take part and tell a story, each in his/her own way, supported by storytelling experts. Every storytelling holiday is led by a storytelling expert.

The walks

Our walks are different from the tourist ones since they have the objective to  allow stories to emerge, the anecdotes linked to the past and present, or also to push you to be active along the path.

Weekends on requests

For more than 15 years il Vagabondo has organised travel experiences on request, in the cities of Naples and Matera, and in their surroundings, and are conceived on the heels of our avant-garde experience in responsible tourism.

Our weekend formula has modified responsible tourism standards in Italy and elsewhere as well, since we were asked to present our way of working in Marseille in 2008 (International Forum on Responsible Tourism – FITS Med ).

Our holiday activities are peculiar thanks to the possibility to meet the local community, which can take place as aimed meetings or with interactive activities in the visited place.

If you want to contact us for further information write to

Naples – Napoli@ilvagabondo.org

Matera – matera@ilvagabondo.org