The walks are one of the activities we love the most… every time we try to think up something new! They are different from the tourist visits since their objective is, according to the kind, to let you know a place beyond its monuments in an interactive way. Every local group of Vagabondo is autonomous in its proposals. The walks are organised on school or group requests. For the individual ones, if you are lucky, you will find them scheduled on the activity calendar.

Theme walks

Once a theme and a route have been chosen, we enrich them with anecdotes, meetings and short literary quotes.

In Matera : the women – the resistances – the artisans

In Altamura : the craftsmen

In Naples : walks in the popular districts

collag passeggiate

Storytelling walks

These are walks where the participants are invited to interact, and we celebrate the story and the ability to tell collective stories with different and contemporary languages.

In Matera : the narrating museum (Lanfranchi Museum) – the plain – The Sasso Barisano


Architecture walks

A series of urban and and suburban walks in contemporary Matera thought by great men of 1950s culture. Let’s come out of the historical centre, and recognise the city, attracting neighbourhoods residents and let’s enrich ourselves with their stories and memories…

Only in Matera


Bread and puppets

Thought for families, school groups and romantic people, a walk where anecdotes on bread are alternated with short theatre figure plays.

In co-operation with PAT theatre

Only in Matera, for groups of minimum 10 people

collag pan pupp