jouJourneys of Sustainability is a project to establish and develop a network of youth workers and youth organizations working on sustainable and responsible tourism in Europe and Asia. We strive to gather a wide range of knowledge and expertise from our geographically diversified partners, develop capacity of youth workers and partners by creating multipliers and giving them access to the expertise of the network while maintaining an integrated training programme.

The main outputs of the project are:

  • A training path allowing youth workers to become multipliers for topics related to sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship, training of marginalised and low-income communities leading to the creation of 150 multipliers.
  • An open-access toolkit to a) train future multipliers on entrepreneurship, responsible tourism and the way their interplay can help reducing social inequality for low-income communities; b) provide tools and methods to approach youth with fewer opportunities and give them basic skills and understanding on responsible tourism initiatives.
  • A Training module suggesting how to best use the toolkit to train youth workers in various settings. Thanks to our interaction between formal and non-formal education partners, we will issue recommendations on how to integrate it into different formative paths, including as university module.

journeysThe project is coordinated by Center of Youth Voluntary Activities „Deineta“ (Lithuania) and supported by the EU Erasmus+ programme).

The project involves 8 partner organizations from EU (EstYes, Estonia; Concordia, France; Viaje a la Sostenibilidad, Spain; Associazione Il Vagabondo, Italy; Keric, Slovakia; University of Latvia; Kimmage Development Studies Centre, Ireland) and 8 organizations from Asia (Centre of Sustainable Development Studies, Vietnam; Khmer Youth & Social Development, Cambodia; Charity Oriented Myanmar; Better World, Korea; Volunteers’ Initiative Nepal; University of Hanoi, Vietnam; Pannasastra University of Cambodia; Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly, Philippines).


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